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  • On this page you can see bear’s friends, which had been made in 2011.

Click on the picture to see a larger image.

  • Dachshund with a parachute.  12 cm (lengthwise). Wool. OOAK
    Accessories: parachute, helmet, goggles.

The parachute can be released from the case, so the dog can float on it. The only thing that I made – sewed the hole stabilization (there enclosing a beautiful ribbon-loop), so that the parachute blows in the direction of a little :).Unfortunately, the toy is difficult to obtain, so we had to give her full description – the instructions for use:

  • Palasha (bunny). 25 cm. Mohair. OOAK
  • Cheshire Bunny. 30 cm. Mohair. Joints (steel& brass) in the ankles. OOAK.

Cheshire Bunny says: “Do you believe me? I lost my smile…”

  • Lady with a Dog. 25 cm. Alpaca. Epoxy tusks. OOAK.

She has company – small dog dachshund.

  • Pag bunny. 25 cm (standing. from the tips of the heels to the tips of the ears). Viscose. OOAK

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