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Here tell you how I was doing bowler hat for a chipmunk.
You will need:
solid ball toys head sized
a piece of thin felt
rubber band
salvitose (for wet felting)
dividers (if you have)
ribbons for decoration

I’m taking a hard ball that will fulfill the role of a hat blank.

I wrap it in fabric and define the depth of future hat (from the top to the edge of brim of his hat).

I take the resulting amount of time – it will be the radius of the circle – the pattern of hat.

I build and cut out the pattern.

Bear a pattern on fabric

Then I take and do salvitose (for wet felting) solution: 1 teaspoon per 100 ml of water
Circle cutouts and greased it with a solution.

Yet felt wet, I prepare retainer

I put felt on the blank and secure it

Then I press the edges of hat

After the edge of the compacted enough, I align them, cutting off the ugly edge

Slightly folded over the edge of hat

It will take some time to dry felt
After the hat has dried, decorates her braid. Braid can be glued.

Mr.Snow. Mint-Bird (2013)

Mr.Snow. Mint-Bird (2013)

Enjoy the process 🙂

P.S. Thanks to Michael, who was taking photos as long as I have been busy hands!

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